Learning More About Your Cool Sculpting Treatments

Learning More About Your Cool Sculpting Treatments

One of the first questions Freehold, NJ residents ask before seeking CoolSculpting treatments has to do with just how many treatments they can expect to undergo before they see the results they want. While it would be convenient to have one go-to answer for this question, the reality is a bit different. Simply, the amount of treatments a person will need to achieve their goal will depend on their individual body, and while an estimate may be provided, their necessary treatments could be more or less than what they initially anticipated. 

What CoolSculpting does is helps to reduce certain difficult to deal with areas that don’t lose size from a healthy diet or exercise. Love handles that don’t go away, a belly that won’t shrink, or thighs that won’t lose as quickly as the rest of the body can all be addressed using CoolSculpting treatments. 

Your Cool Sculpting Experience 

Your Freehold, NJ CoolSculpting experience will also depend on how you treat your body before, during, and after treatment. Patients should always be encouraged to maintain a healthy diet and exercise throughout the process and afterwards to ensure results are maximized and size isn’t gained back. Generally, a person will experience between 1 and 3 CoolSculpting treatments per area being treated, and results could be reached in 1 treatment or they could take a couple more. 

It’s important to remember for those seeking Freehold CoolSculpting that this treatment is not a weight-loss solution. The process is meant to improve the shape of the body, and to diminish stubborn bulges and pockets that simply refuse to go away with conventional diet and exercise. A full treatment process will eliminate between 20 and 25% of the fat cells in a particular treated area, which can be just enough to make dramatic changes to areas that can’t seem to cooperate otherwise. 

CoolSculpting tends to be most effective when a person is nearing their ideal body weight, but they’ve hit that last plateau that just seems unwilling to budge. Once a patient is around 20 to 30 pounds away from their goal weight, CoolSculpting is something they may wish to consider. For patients already at their goal weight simply looking to shape up certain areas, they may get their ideal look in just a single CoolSculpting session. 

Unique Treatments For Unique Bodies 

It’s important for Freehold residents to remember that your CoolSculpting experience will be as unique as your individual body, and your experience may not match that of another. The full effects of CoolSculpting can take some time to fully set in, and it’s important to wait the full 3 to 4 months after a treatment before going in for another one. With this patience, one may find that they only require 2 treatments when it was initially believed they would need 3, therefore saving them the time and investment of a third treatment session. A professional consultation with a CoolSculpting specialist will let area residents know if this method is the right one for them.